All Harvest To Use In Harves Decorations

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Harvest decoration can be applied when harvest time. You can put your crop in some places that you want. Maybe it will be a weird thing to have home decor by using harvest. Some tips would be needed for you to give you ideas in decorating your home by using harvest. Pumpkin, Leaves, and Some Fruits as a Harvest Decorations Although the harvest decorations are usually associated with the countryside design scheme, it still can bring the elegance to your home. Decore your dressing table with white pumpkins in a variety of heights. Put some plastic books to decorate and give the impression of vintage. You also can arrange your dining table like in the countryside with orange and squash put equally and in a row. High vase filled with wheat and placed in the center of the table can add to the impression of height in your room. You can also decorate your bookshelf with autumn leaves and using a basket of red apples and green apples. Put the autumn leaves randomly on your bookshelf so that no other decorations needed. Those simple ways and choices could make your room more beautiful by using your harvest. Combine the elegance style and countryside style in decorating your home.

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