Creating Attracting Look by Decorating with Burlap

diy burlap bedskirt
Decorating with burlap can be frustrating work since it has a pretty strong odor that would drive you crazy. But, it doesn’t mean that burlap is forbidden material to use in decorating stuffs. It still looks beautiful on a table runner or pillow decoration and you surely ought to do something with the smell. To minimize the odor, you can air burlap outside your house for a day or two. The smell might not vanish completely, but the smell will be decreased a bit. Below is a brilliant idea to decorate your stuffs with burlap: Decorating with burlap to create table runner Burlap is very suitable for table runner. To create it, first thing you need to do is cutting the fabric to your desired length of your tabletop plus fourteen inches length. You also can use that cut to obtain a straighter edge for both ends. The next step is cut the fold all along to create fabrics which is divided into two lengths of fabric. The final step is making another cut to have seventeen inch length of wide fabric with seven inch remnant. Use the fewer defects of that 7 inch, cut the strip in half to create two shorter 7 inch of stripes. Turn the shorter sides twice in order to create the hem. Repeat the steps for other strips.

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