Despicable Me Decorations for Birthday Party

despicable me classroom decorations
Despicable Me decorations for birthday party is the latest style of design that emerge as the most outstanding trend among children. The cuteness of minions has stolen children’s heart from a long time. Minions nowadays has jumped into big popularity, standing in the same place with other cartoon characters that was booming previously like Hello Kitty, Superman, or Sailor Moon. If you’re thinking about throwing a Minion birthday party, brilliant ideas that we’re going to talk about later will surely brighten up your mind. DIY Despicable Me decorations Minion garlands on your door will surprise your guests. If you want to create it by yourself, wrap a Styrofoam garland in yellow tulle and make eye-goggled band using black crepe, plastic eye that you can buy form the store, and a mason jar. Wrap up with hair black pipe cleaners. Decorate the yellow balloon to look like minions by using black marker for eye, hair, and glasses. Cupcakes with Despicable Me decorations So here comes the main part of birthday party! Cakes! Because your party is in despicable me theme, why don’t you bake the cupcakes in minion shape? Bake your cake with your favorite flavors and ice the cake with blue frosting. Cover the top cake with sponge cake, put one or two white small candies on the cake as the eyes, and then draw the mouth and other part with black icing. Wrap it up with sticking chocolate sprinkles on the top.

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