Sesame Street Decorations for Kids’ Bedroom

sesame street balloon decorations
Sesame Street decorations are things that children always want to have for their room. Bright colors, fun letters and numbers are always shown in the show and you can bring them into your little kid’s bedroom to create fun atmosphere that’s not only appealing but also inspiring. Colors choice for Sesame Street Decorations You can paint the accent wall with red and beautify it with orange to represent Elmo with its red fur and orange nose. Instead, if your kid is fond of green, bring Oscar the Grouch to the room! Paint the walls with brownish green and apply one area of rug in Oscar’s face, together with green or brown to keep the consistency of color theme. In fact, Sesame Street is all about fun and bright colors, especially red, yellow, orange, and pink. Don’t be skeptical with vibrant colors, it will indeed bring happier atmosphere to the room. Wall art Sesame Street Decorations Wall art serves the most attracting feature for your child’s bedroom. Large wall with the shape of your child’s Sesame Street character like Big Bird will easily decorate the accent wall. If you don’t want to be bothered with these confusing stuffs, hire a professional artist will be a big help to paint your little kid’s name in the logo of Sesame Street.

Gallery of Sesame Street Decorations for Kids’ Bedroom

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