Wood Is Good Material To Make Decorative Wall Shelf

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Decorative wall shelf can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. But it must still be adjusted with the function of the room. It can beautify your rooms. To decorate your home, you can use a simple model and even the complex model. Decorative wall shelf is usually used to put unique trinkets. How to Install the Decorative Wall Shelf Wall shelf does not need to be expensive, you can even create your own from wood. Before installing wall shelf, you have to make sure that the wall strong enough to be installed. After that, stick the shelf first on the wall that has been selected and mark it by using pencil. You need to install the shelf frame first as a shelf support with by using nails or screws. To make it easier in installing, use an electric drill. You can use wood or metal shaped bracket as a buffer. Install it in parallel so that the boards that placed on it will be neat. A minimalist shelf is ready to be used to put the decoration on the wall. If you can put it neatly, your wall shelf will look like floating and will be unique to be seen. Make your own shelf as beautiful as you can.

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